Summer 2016 Advertising Videos The Best So Far

Written by on 29/06/16


Funky dance moves, breaking stereotypes and awesome soundtracks seem to be the key elements to an advert’s success in 2016 and these are a few of our favourites…


1.   #LikeAGirl by ‘Always’  

Why is this our number one: Campaign longevity.

Agency: Leo Burnett/Starcom Media Vest Group

‘Always’ combine the selling power of equality and emoji communication in their latest multi-media advert reinforcing their #LikeAGirl campaign launched in 2014.   

2.   Thomas Cook’s 'Bold’ TV Advert

Why this is in our selection: Even though the advert was produced in 2015 its still one of our favorites for this Summer…

Agency:  Albion

A boy, dressed as a shark, throws some funky dance moves around the swimming pool. This is fun and has a strong family appeal

3.   Life’s Better When We Share  - Nationwide Advert 2016

Why this is on our selection: Clever subliminal use of soundtrack

Agency:  VCCP

Nationwide use clever advertising through their choice of sound track (‘Make it with you’ by 1970’s band ‘Bread’).

4.   Volvo – Live Test Series

Why this is in our selection: Evolves Volvo’s sturdy product stereotype.

Agency: Forsman and Bodenfors

A Volvo FMX truck is apparently steered around an assault course by a 4 year old girl who smashes everything it its path – and yet the truck is still standing.

5.   Smile, you're on Tesco Mobile - Tesco Mobile

Why this is in our selection: Mix of humour and information.

Agency: SapientNitro

With the sound track of ‘Smile’ by Nat King Cole the advert shows holiday nightmare scenarios most people can relate to.

6.   Clash of Kings Ad – ‘Fight Like A King’

Why this is in our selection: Across multi-media success.

Agency: The Specialist Works

A great advert for selling a real-time strategy war game that is not even seen in the advert! 

7.   Start your day right with Right Guard: Gym Dance-Off

Why this is in our selection: Perfect audience targeting.

Music Agency: Massive Music

Slick and humour packed, this gym dance off unfolds to the re-recorded sound track of ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ by Carl Douglas and includes retro references (such as Mr. Miyagi) to appeal to their target audience.

8.   #EPICDANCEOFF - MoneySuperMarket

Why this is in our selection: Building audience interaction

Agency: Mother

The actors make this a success as each MoneySuperMarket character performs in an #EPICDANCEOFF - which has built fantastic audience interaction.

9.   Gaz & Leccy Out Of Control - Smart Energy.

Why this is in our selection: A break from the norm.

Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO with animation studio Picasso Picture

This ‘Tom and Jerry’ style animation is nostalgic.  The message from Smart Energy GB is simple ‘let’s get Gaz and Leccy under control’.  It works.

10.   Pay it off quicker - Barclays Mortgages

Why this is in our selection: Message clarity

Agency: Not known 

In this advert there is nothing to detract from Barclays message. Repetition and clarity make this a simple yet startlingly effective advert.


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