Corporate Videos

Video is a powerful way to give personality to your corporate brand, boosting brand recognition and loyalty.  We have experience of creating videos to enhance every area of corporate activity and engagement with target audiences, including:

  • Recruitment: Videos to help position your company as an employer of choice
  • Thought Leaders: Videos to establish your brand or key representatives as thought leaders within your field
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Videos to communicate corporate visions to key stakeholders, including staff, suppliers and investors
  • Investment: Videos to explain investment opportunities
  • Celebration: Videos to celebrate key milestones, achievements, events and activities and communicate them to target audiences
  • Brand Identity: videos to introduce new identities or create an animated sting to inject life into an established identity
  • Testimonials: client and supplier testimonials – an objective view on how great you are!
  • Services: videos to bring your services to life, to improve conversions and boost sales
  • Product ranges: videos to showcase your products

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Our Clients

"We approached Creative Motion to produce the sales and instructional videos for our new display products and are extremely impressed with the end result, it has enhanced the Versaform brand no end.”

- Leigh Smith, Versaform

Recent Work

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Allergy UK - Living with Severe Eczema Tobacco Dock London - Summer Showcase
Allergy UK - Living with Severe Eczema Guardian Display - Square Meal Show / IET

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