Marketing Videos

Video is a powerful marketing tool.  Your customers have grown up with video; they like receiving information through video.  So we create videos that deliver your message in a format they want to engage with. 

We are experienced at creating videos to support a range of marketing strategies, including:

  • Product launches: videos to tell the world about your new products
  • Services: videos to bring your services to life, to improve conversions and boost sales
  • Web videos: online content to increase engagement and boost sales
  • Celebration: videos to celebrate key milestones, achievements, events and activities and communicate them to target audiences
  • Brand identity: videos to introduce new identities or create an animated sting to inject life into an established identity
  • Recruitment: videos to help position your company as an employer of choice
  • Thought leaders: videos to establish your brand or key representatives as thought leaders within your field
  • Testimonials: client and supplier testimonials – an objective view on how great you are!

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Our Clients

“The production team at Creative Motion was a pleasure to deal with, making sure that our animation video was accurate and helpfully accommodating our changes as the project developed. The animation video we now have is proving to be a great tool for showing how our product is used and is key to our product’s marketing strategy”

- Charles Bright, Swift Pass Medical

Recent Work

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