Motion graphics can communicate your message dynamically, excitingly and effectively.  We work with you to refine your messaging to deliver the greatest impact.  They can be used to create a complete video, a stunning title sequence or a compelling opening to product videos, web videos, website landing pages and company logo idents, the possibilities are quite simply endless.  Plus they can reinforce statistics, key facts and essential messaging.

At Creative Motion, we specialise in every area of motion graphics, including - Kinetic Typography, Infographics, Stop Motion, Opening Title Sequences, Motion Graphics for Shows, Live Events, VFX / Visual Effects, Animated Company Logo Idents, Motion Tracking, Corporate Messaging.


Anything is possible with 2D and 3D animation, meaning we can bring your brand to life in new ways.  Animation can be used to inject humour, tell stories, communicate messages clearly, illustrate complex procedures simply – you name it, animation can help!  We work with you to develop animation that is consistent with your brand and messaging from approachable characters to slick premium sequences, from cartoon minimalism to 3D realism.

We offer state-of-the-art animation services, including - 2D Animation, Photo-Realistic 3D animation, 3D Visuals, 3D Tours / Walkthrough


Animated characters literally bring your brand to life!  We work with you to create characters that act as effective brand ambassadors for you.  We obsess over every detail – style of animation, appearance, clothes, personality, mannerisms, and choosing the right voiceover for your video to create characters that personify your message, business and brand.  And as you would expect from a professional video production company, we take your project from concept to delivery using our pre-production process by developing effective scripting and storyboards to make sure the characters we create for you deliver that message clearly and compellingly every time.

We specialise in 2D character animation and 3D character animation.


"The finished video is brilliant and has surpassed our expectations resulting in an effective all round marketing strategy that has given a credible ‘uplift’ to their brand."

- Leigh Smith, Vividpixel