Based just outside London in Maidstone, Kent and working across the United Kingdom, Creative Motion is one of the UK’s leading video production companies.  We offer a comprehensive range of highly creative 4-8K drone filming services that can advance your videos to a higher level, by taking to the sky we can capture exceptional high-quality footage that will bring a touch of magic to your next production with us and can be used for anything from corporate, marketing and product videos to TV and film productions.


Our experienced drone pilots and camera operators are equipped with some of the most technologically advanced drone models and camera systems currently used in the industry today, there literally isn’t any production we can’t work with. From large drones capable of carrying up to 8K broadcast quality cameras like the Red Epic and Alexa Mini to the smaller more agile and lightweight models, 

Our drone services include:

  • 4-8K aerial drone filming
  • Heavy lift - Red Epic, Alexa Mini
  • 10m CAA permission to operate in congested areas
  • 650ft permission
  • Night flight permission
  • Drone filming indoor and outdoor
  • UK and overseas operation
  • 10m public liability insurance


We are committed to providing our customers a professional service and peace of mind with every project. At Creative Motion our drone pilots are the most experienced in the industry and have an OSC (operational safety case) with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) which recognises them as the safest and most respected pilots around. This means we can legally operate and have permission to fly as low as 10m within congested and built-up areas not in our control such as cities and towns and up to 650ft. We are fully insured and have 10m public liability insurance so the safety of the general public, our customers and film crew are assured.

If you’re interested in learning more about our bespoke video production and drone filming services, please give us a call so we can arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.


"Thank you so much for helping us produce a marketing video that all started with our brief of moving boxes from A to B.  The way ideas were bounced around quickly at our first meeting left me with no doubt that we made a fantastic choice when deciding to go with Creative Motion.  We are delighted with the puzzle logo that you created as we think it represents us amazingly well and with the filming all completed in a couple of days, as planned and the finished video coming in on-time and on budget, as agreed."

- Paul Taylor, CEO Aylesford Couriers