West Kent Housing - Repair Call

The Brief

To produce a series of videos based on typical examples that a West Kent Engineer, Housing Officer and a Tenant Social Officer can face when in tenant homes. 

Each scenario had to have two videos – the first video demonstrating poor to average customer service and experience and the second video demonstrating how to deliver great service and experience for the customer, by using the Mindset, Language & Actions of Service™, derived from the Gober Method™ which West Kent Housing brand as ‘It’s Your Call!’

The Production

An Engineer arrives at the Tenant’s property responding to a call about her radiator coming off the wall.  The Engineer in the first video is late for the appointment and doesn’t apologise; the Tenant is already annoyed which increases to being angry and defensive when the Engineer insinuates that she was responsible for the radiator coming off the wall.  The Tenant pushes back as previously West Kent have fixed her bathroom sink without question.  The Engineer struggles to offer positive solutions.  In the second video, the Engineer shows empathy, courtesy and the ability to support the Tenant through what her options are.

Media Info

  • Training Video
  • Video Series
  • Integrated Campaign

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Working with Creative Motion helped our collaborative project with our client, West Kent Housing Association, run smoothly.  They were flexible and adaptable to our timescales, sensitive to the set budget and were very professional. 

- Nicola Cross, Account Manager - Mary Gober International

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