The Brief

To produce a animated video for iS-Digital a intelligent signage company to brand a digital signage project in Folkestone High Street.

The Idea

Working with design company Vividpixel we first needed to recreate and breakdown the iS-Digital logo into usable layers so the dot in the ISD looked like it was being pressed with a trace effect applied to complete the letters afterwards, the desired effect produced a sleek and stunning revolving animation to carry their brand information, name and colours.

Audio was not required but we added some SFX to complement the motion aspect of the video.

Media Info

  • Digital Signage
  • Advertising
  • Video Content
  • Brand Strategy
  • Concept Development
  • Digital Campaign
  • Motion Graphics
  • Marketing Video

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Production Images

"The finished video is brilliant and has surpassed our expectations resulting in an effective all round marketing strategy that has given a credible ‘uplift’ to their brand."

- Leigh Smith, Vividpixel

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